Electronic archive

Electronic archive of documents - it is a system that allows you to store documents in electronic form. It allows you to achieve a reliable storage of documents, to ensure the confidentiality and access rights, tracing the history of the use of the document, the convenience and speed of search.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - is a flexible platform which gives wide opportunities for market management, sales and customers service level.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP

This is a modern automated enterprise management system for medium and large organizations, providing leadership and employees of the company as much information as necessary for the efficient conduct of business.

Microsoft Business intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence is a single set of integrated products that provide reliable access to widespread applications and reports

Situational centre

This software package, which is available in online format information about the situation in the observed object, an extreme, unusual situations, which allows to form immediately solve the problem.

Employees competence rating

It is important for the management to know the capabilities of their employees. The traditional approach to the assessment of staff upon performance of duties does not allow to fully exploit the potential of each employee. So today is the actual trend in the personnel work as a personnel evaluation based on competence.

Wi Fi Wireless Broadband Networks

Micrologics Solutions on the Altai equipment are ideal for organizing a reliable Wi-Fi network in warehouses, airports and container ports, industrial areas and large open spaces.

Positioning of RTLS/RFID

RTLS (short from the English Real-time Locating Systems -Positioning system in real-time) is an automated system that provides identification, definition of the coordinate display on the plan for the location of monitored objects within the territory covered by the necessary infrastructure. RFID-system for access control and monitoring of movement of people. Automate processes, installing RFID-of Systems developed by Micrologics specifically for monitoring the movement of people and access control, based on the finished universal solution «RFID Server».


The platform for managing operating activities in the production belongs to a class of MES systems. It is intended for synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of production.

Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint Server platform is a high-tech foundation for building enterprise solutions in the field of enterprise information management, knowledge management, electronic document management and a number of other enterprise applications

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos BI is a software product that is able to cover the activities of the enterprise as a whole. Using this technology the various categories of users even in large corporations are able to get instant access to necessary data. IBM Cognos product line makes it possible to fully manage enterprise performance.

Docsvision document workflow

Availability of standard modules, corresponding standards office workflow management. This is a convenient conditioning routes constructor.

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